Poster Presentation 6th Australian Health and Medical Research Congress 2012

Comprehensive cell health analysis on a novel multiparametric Cell Analyser (#358)

Cathy Noone 1 , Katherine Gillis 2 , Asima Khan 2 , Julie Clor 2 , Kamala Tyagarajan 2
  1. Merck Millipore, Kilsyth, VIC, Australia
  2. EMD Millipore, , Hayward, CA, US

The study of anti-cancer compounds and cancerous cell lines requires access to cell health information that includes parameters such as cellular vitality, cell cycle and apoptosis and provides a complete picture of cell health. Traditionally, expensive and complicated instrumentation has been required for comprehensive cell health analysis. Here we present data from a novel, low-cost, easy to use, compact, high performance instrument, the Muse™ Cell Analyzer. The instrument utilises a combination of highly simplified mix and read assay protocols with a touch-screen interface which greatly simplifies data acquisition and analysis. The objective of this study was to evaluate performance of Muse™ assays when compared to traditional predicate methods. The mix and read format of the Muse™ Count & Viability assay provides quantitative detection of multiple suspension cell lines and adherent cell lines across a wide range of concentrations and viabilities. Count and viability information can be robustly and accurately obtained on the Muse™ Cell Analyzer and the system depicts good linearity over a wide concentration range. Superior precision was obtained on the Muse™ Cell Analyzer for a variety of sample types. Cytotoxicity effects of anti-cancer compounds such as staurosporine, gambogic acid on multiple cell types could be reliably obtained on the instrument platform. The mix and read format of the Annexin V & Dead Cell assay and simplified Cell Cycle protocol on the instrument further allows for the easy and reliable study of impacts of anti-cancer compounds. The combination of these assays for cell count and viability, apoptosis and cell cycle status on a simple low cost instrument makes the Muse™ Cell Analyser a versatile and accurate solution for comprehensive cell health analysis.