Marina Pajic 6th Australian Health and Medical Research Congress 2012

Marina Pajic

Group Leader, Personalised Cancer Therapeutics CINSW and Philip Hemstritch Fellow Cancer Division Dr Marina Pajic is the leader of the Personalised Cancer Therapeutics Group (Garvan Institute) and a Conjoint Lecturer (University of New South Wales). Her vision is to apply her expertise in the preclinical testing arena to develop novel personalised approaches for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Dr Pajic graduated with a BSc/MSc (Hons) from University of Auckland (New Zealand), followed by a successful PhD under Prof Michelle Haber (University of New South Wales) where she investigated chemoresistance mechanisms in childhood cancers. Subsequently, Dr Pajic joined the renowned group of Prof Piet Borst at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (Amsterdam), where she established physiologically-relevant mouse models to study mechanisms of chemoresistance in breast cancer. This project resulted in several publications in high quality journals, including PNAS and Cancer Research. In 2010, Dr Pajic returned to Australia and joined the Pancreatic Cancer Research team at the Garvan Institute. As part of the pancreatic cancer genome sequencing effort (ICGC), Dr Pajic established a unique personalised medicine project for pancreatic cancer. She has been awarded two fellowships from Cancer Institute New South Wales and a Philip Hemstritch (philanthropic) fellowship, funding from Cancer Australia and CCNSW and high profile publications, including three in the journal Nature. She has authored/co-authored 27 scientific articles with > 40 presentations at national and international conferences.

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