Bryce N Feltis 6th Australian Health and Medical Research Congress 2012

Bryce N Feltis

Dr Bryce Feltis is a senior research fellow at both Monash and RMIT Universities and maintains a visiting scientist position at the CSIRO. His primary research interests are in cell biology and the manipulation of cellular bioactivity with novel materials and devices. He has undertaken a number of projects on assessing nanoparticles, particularly those used commercially in sunscreens, and how these materials interact with UV-light and cells of the immune system and skin. He was a highly active participant in the OECD’s programme for the safety testing of engineered nanomaterials, where he was involved in the in vitro testing of zinc oxide, ceria and silver nanoparticles. The outcomes of his nanoparticles work have led to a patent and several further projects, both in academic and industry. He is currently examining how nanoparticles could be used as novel therapeutics or imaging agents. Previously he worked for the CSIRO and developed a hand-held biosensor for detection of bio-terrorism threats. His initial training (and first post-doc) was assessing the effects of corticosteroids on the immune system of patients with asthma and smoking related diseases.

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