Jose M Polo 6th Australian Health and Medical Research Congress 2012

Jose M Polo

Associate Professor Jose Maria Polo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he graduated from Buenos Aires University as a Biochemist. In 2002, Jose began his graduate studies at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York under the supervision of Dr. Ari Melnick where he worked on the transcriptional mechanism of the BCL6 repression complex in lymphomagenesis and B-cell maturation. In 2008 he obtained his PhD and moved to Boston to the laboratory of Dr. Konrad Hochedlinger at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute to work on reprogramming of adult cells into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. In particular, his work focused in the acquisition of immortality and the existence of epigenetic memory during reprogramming. In June 2011 as a Larkins Fellow, Jose established his independent research group at Monash University. In 2012, Jose was awarded a NHMRC Career Development Fellowship and in 2014 a Charles Viertel Senior Medical Research Fellowship to continue his work in the molecular mechanism governing the reprogramming process and stem cells epigenetics. As of 2013, Jose holds appointments to the departments of Anatomy and Developmental Biology and to the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute as well as being a principal investigator at the ARC special initiative Stem Cells Australia.

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